Geekie Awards

The Geekie Awards celebrates geek genre art, products, and media content. The live award show provides recognition to creators of independent short films, web series, video games, comic books, websites, toys, products, tabletop games, and interactive experiences.

Souther California Design Company’s Principal Designer David Morelock was asked to create the “ultimate geek award statue.” After much brainstorming, we landed on a retro sci-fi gamma ray gun with a detachable magnetic base that serves both as a unique trophy and as an interactive prop for the red carpet and press photos.

The twelve awards presented at the inaugural Geekie Awards were met with fanfare from recipients and media alike. Images of the award statue flooded geek media outlets (links) in the weeks following the show. Legendary comic book creator (and award recipient) Stan Lee even reached out to see if he could get an extra one for his home office.

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    Geekie Awards

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    • Industrial Design
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