Our Leadership

Our Leadership

David Morelock, Founding Parner & President

Co-Founder + President

David works to provide valuable inspiration and insight into business, branding, design, and sustainable product development. He is a serial entrepreneur who has provided high-level strategic impact across multiple industries and global brands, and has been awarded dozens of patents and design honors in industries from fly fishing gear to health & wellness devices. In his spare time, David is an adjunct professor where he teaches sustainability, production processes & materials, and he loves to surf, mountiain bike and tour the local deserts off-road on his motorcycle.

Rob Lang, Founding Partner & Managing Director

Co-Founder + General Manager

Experienced in product design, development, and commercialization, Rob has also specialized in international product sourcing and production, quality control, and integrated logisitics support to ensure projects meet schedule, budget and customer satisfaction expectations. As a seasoned executive, he loves helping companies advance their ideas and driving strategic sales. When he isn't running Indi Golf or carefully orchestrating product launches for clients, Rob enjoys golfinf with friends, spending time with family and watching a good hockey game.

Travis Downing, VP Engineering & Founding Partner

Co-Founder + VP of Engineering

A skilled innovator in the use of composites and advanced materials, Travis has complementary experience in structural optimization, functionality integration, and failure analysis. An insightful engineer, he is passionate about advancing product design and performance through optimal material research and selection. In addition to running our engineering team, he is involved in business development and employee growth. Driven by a mission to create world class products, Travis is best known for finding unique solutions to challenging problems, and he has sweet air-guitar style.

Ronan Bariou, Design Director

Design Director

Influenced by human factors and sustainable solutions, Ronan is best known for applying design thinking to conceptualize global value propositions and drive usability and emotional impact by creating concepts with meaning. He has received various design awards for his sports industry products which have accompanied athletes to Olympic and world championship podiums. In his free time, when he isn’t sketching inspiring ideas or graphic designs for new brands, you can find Ronan running, skiing, or playing drums in a rock band.

CSO/Strategy & Sustainability

CSO / Strategy & Sustainability

A global executive and entrepreneur who has worked in 20 industries, 10 countries, and 5 different C-level positions, Susannah helps companies to positively impact their bottom line, business market, customer experiences, and our future world. Her forté is bringing the outsider’s perspective to inspire transformation where strategy, innovation, and sustainability converge. This approach has enabled her to design products and brands ranging from military defense to med-tech and men’s fashion, luxury yachts to logistics flows and lifecycle paths. Susannah’s free time is dedicated to enogastronomy.

Alann Toh, Operations Director

Operations Director

Alann researches manufacturers and sourcing in China and drives APAC market expansion strategies. By leveraging sales, marketing and public relations expertise, he orchestrates solutions into potential markets through localization and bridging the east-west business cultural gap. He also has developed an integrated live inventory system which is currently used worldwide promoting efficiency and simplified online ordering logistics. When he's not working, you'll find Alann coding away in PHP or possibly catch him perfecting his cornering skills while riding his Ducati Hyperstrada.

Qiang Wang, Production Sourcing Director

Production Sourcing Director

Qiang Wang has tremendous product design and development experience from working for Fortune 500 companies such as HP and Dell. He understands product design, manufacturing, and engineering requirements and constrains and is passionate about products that enhance user experience. As a Global Sourcing Manager at SCDC, Qiang leverages his design and development background to identify the best possible suppliers that meet quality, delivery and cost objectives, with products that deliver the best user experience.

Katherine Koehler, UX Director

User Experience Director

As a biologist-turned-mechanical engineer-turned-UX designer, Katherine has developed a unique perspective when it comes to developing products for manufacturing. Influenced by her time directing international production lines and watching her mother struggle with "basic technology", she aspires to create efficiently-manufactured products that present life-enhancing experiences in easy-to-understand ways and is known for creating innovative solutions in highly complex environments. Katherine is the mother of 2 purrrfect children, Sherman & Herman, and wife to the greatest husband in history (says he).


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All content © copyright Southern California Design Company
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All content © copyright Southern California Design Company and/or its respective clients. All rights reserved.