We are innovators
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We believe in you. Our success is your success. We are a team of dedicated individuals who strive to help creators and entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. We are eternal optimists. We are energised by brilliant ideas and can quickly visualise how they can impact the world around us. We love making positive change in our world and we know that bright inventors, thinkers, and entrepreneurs are the people who make these positive changes happen. We are excited everyday to work on projects that will impact the world in a practical way.


We have learned the importance of setting realistic expectations. This includes identifying and addressing risks openly. We believe that it’s important to clearly communicate and make no assumptions. We hear “talented” often. Yes, it’s true, our team is talented, smart, and insightful. We are proud of that. However, great ideas are not like lightbulbs. Design is hard work, pushing through concepts, iterating, evolving. Great design takes time and meticulous attention to the smallest detail. We believe that the most useful innovations come in small pragmatic increments. 

Meet Our Team

Travis Downing


Rob Lang

General Manager

David Bareno

Director of Marketing

David Morelock


Alann Toh

Operations Director

Qiang Wang

Production Sourcing Director

Karen Xie

Project Manager

Chad Skelton

Industrial Designer

Ronan Bariou

Design Director

Kodiak Brush

Mechanical Engineer

Jake Lessie

Mechanical Engineer