Realistic hardware for flight simulator applications

Problem statement/requirements
● Hyperrealistic function and feel
● Clean, modern design aesthetic
● High quality – actual and perceived – designs that present a premium brand image

SC Design Co. approach to solutions
● unified look and feel across product lines
● detailed studies of user needs for a premium user experience
● balanced approach to incorporating iconic design language into functional, ergonomic requirements
● careful attention in recreating real flight control mechanics, dynamics, and responsiveness

“ Southern California Design Company has been our exclusive product design partner for the last four years. Their attention to detail, and unique ability to translate our vision into exceptional products, has exceeded our expectations on every project. This is especially impressive, considering that they don’t have an aviation background, and is a statement to how good they are at listening to, and interpreting what our product requirements are. The result has been successful launches of market leading flight simulation products that have received awards and accolades across the aviation industry. It doesn’t hurt that they are really nice people, and a joy to work with.

Nicki Repenning ▪ CEO


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