2016 IFTD Awards—Orvis Wins

Orvis, an original brand in fly-fishing established in 1856, won the 2016 International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) best in show accessory. In collaboration with Southern California Design Company (SCDC), Orvis delivered award winning Nippers for fly fisherman.  In a market that provides many great options for fly fishermen, the challenge was to provide a new and better design.  Working closely together, Orvis and the design team at SCDC were able to create a design that caught the attention of the judges, and attendees.

This is not the only product that Southern California Design Company has designed for Orvis over the past couple years.  Most notably the Orvis Hydros SLV series. This line of reels provides an increase in line-retrieval rate and was designed with a narrower spool to eliminate line stacking, and at the same time has increased backing capacity. Another design feature is that it has a fully sealed drag mechanism, which means it will hold up when fishing in salt water.

Southern California Design Company takes great pride in designing products that are not only superior in functionality but are also aesthetically pleasing. There is allot of satisfaction in creating a product that people “just gotta have”. SCDC’s design prowess, and process has proven to produce best in class, award winning, and top selling products.

This could not be accomplished without great clients to partner with.  SCDC is honored to be working with Orivs and their team. Through collaboration comes success, as shown by the IFTD award that Orvis has won. Congratulations Orvis!