Raging Mammoth—Taking Risks to Serve a Thirsty Market

That sharp ended key on your key ring that only opens the mailbox.  A specific type of disposable pen with a sturdy body.  Just a simple nail or drywall screw.  Before Raging Mammoth invented the Sabertooth, these were the decidedly MacGyver-esque solutions to a peculiar problem experienced by a mostly college-bound group of fun loving beer enthusiasts: how to pierce the side of a beer can to enable the speed-drinking technique known to many as “shotgunning”.

Two friends, who shared more than one shotgunning session together as fraternity brothers in college, had a better idea.  They realized a simple lever with a sharp point on one end would make piercing the side of a can much easier, faster, and safer.  With that, the Sabertooth and a new company was born.  Now Raging Mammoth has cultivated a passionate and loyal following around a unique brand identity.  The number of fan posts on their social media says volumes about how successful an idea it was in the end.  The Raging Mammoth brand embodies an exuberant, carefree lifestyle enjoyed by a great number of malted beverage enthusiasts, and is a lasting testament to the risk taken by two friends who had a simple idea.

Even with little design, product development, prototyping, sourcing and manufacturing experience, two friends with an idea and a modest financial backing can get their brand off the ground with help from a turnkey partner.  Linking with a full-service design, development, and sourcing firm can bring a great idea into reality.  We at Southern California Design Company are proud to have assisted this creative pair in realizing their vision.  What will you create?